We are thrilled when we can help brands build a strong brand identity, acquire new customers,
increase sales and overtake competition.

We currently offer special discount on our services for start-ups! Are you the owner of a new start-up brand and are on lookout for reliable marketing partner? Don't hesitate and contact us!
Slovak start-ups can now apply 25 % discount on all our services. It's a great deal - especially if you have smaller budget in the beginning of your business journey
You have to meet these conditions:
your start-up is based in Slovakia
start-up has been on the market for a maximum of 3 years
you have a vision to conquer the world
What can we help you with?
thorough research
market, brand and competition analysis
customized strategy
creative solutions
building a strong brand identity
consultations with marketing experts
content creation
monitoring results and reporting
How do we work?
It's time to inspect. We'll look back at the content from previous month to see what brought positive results and what is not worth investing in. Based on statistics we will be able to give you recommendations for improvement of your marketing.
Let's get to work! We start to create content for your brand – everything from social media posts, e-mail marketing, PR articles, creative graphics and others.
At our first meeting we will discuss your ideas and goals you want to achieve. We will suggest possible solutions and afterwards you can decide which of our services will be beneficial for your brand.
First meeting
We will create customized strategy for your brand. Strategy includes thorough brand, competition and market analysis. Then, we will present to you our vision and first outputs.
Would you like to work with us and get 25 % discount on our services?
Fill out the form by clicking on the button below and put word „startup" in the Note field.
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