A performance-oriented strategy aimed at increasing awareness and sales volume online.
Collaborations which bring some sort of added value and are not only aimed at common services and sales are really inspiring to us. Uniskin has chosen truly valuable goal – help customers feel and be beautiful by using ecologically harmless cosmetic products with medically proven effects.
This company needed to become well-known on the Slovak and Czech markets and increase the sales volumes at the same time. Our job was focused on management of PPC campaigns on social media platforms and on Google Ads.
• seller of the natural cosmetics
• increase the sales volume online
• cover brand ad campaigns
• raise and spread awareness of the e-commerce store on Slovak and Czech market
During our cooperation we managed to significantly increase the overall awareness of the company. Search volume of the brand word "Uniskin" increased by 425 % and the average monthly purchases increased by 452 % compared to the previous time period, before our campaigns launched.
13 months of cooperation
average monthly increase in the number of purchases
average monthly increase in turnover
increase in average monthly searches for "Uniskin"
Ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
Increase in the number of followers
Increase in the number of followers
Google Ads campaigns

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