Digital marketing strategy and setting the correct tone of voice for state institution.
Slovenská Pošta
Working with the state institution Slovenská Pošta brought us plenty of experiences in this very specific segment. We improved the overall communication strategy and defined the style of presenting the company not only online, but also in real life.
With some clients the clear and distinct communication with public is placed before any other marketing goals – Slovenská Pošta is definitely one of them. We dare to say that clearly and appropriately chosen tone of voice was what made our cooperation with Slovenská Pošta successful.
Our goals:
• define graphic design which will be used online and offline
• define tone of voice
• Slovak state institution operating in the entire Slovak republic
• improve communication on social media platforms
• Balíkobox and mobile app
• increase awareness of the most important products
During our cooperation we managed to improve the institution's overall communication with public on social media, which could be seen in increased profile traffic and the increase in followers. We focused on promoting latest news, products of Slovenská pošta and we also organized successful contests.
Increase in followers
18 019
4 251
In order to get representative photo material of nationwide projects in Slovakia such as Balíkobox, Mobile app Slovenská Pošta and openings of new branch offices, we organized professional photo shooting and then we launched ad campaigns focused on increasing of brand awareness.
We managed to set up long-term brand strengthening plan, increase organic profile traffic and we also managed to obtain Facebook account verification.
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