Sky Lounge
Modern concept of the new lounge bar
The assignment was clear - to create an identity for a modern concept of the bar, kitchen and hookah. Located on top of a busy shopping mall, the Sky Lounge, with its unique combination of a lounge bar atmosphere, tempting fusion cuisine and a dedicated area for shisha lovers, promises an unforgettable experience to all visitors.
The requirements for the creation of the Sky Lounge design by the owner and the architect were a harmonious combination of modern aesthetic elements with natural elements. Inspired by the tranquility of nature, the space integrates elements such as wood, stone and moss to create a peaceful atmosphere with a hint of luxury. This is also reflected in the logo itself.
• new lounge bar in Košice
• logo creation and design manual
The Result:
With an understanding of the Sky Lounge vision, we as a marketing agency set out to create a logo that resonates with the unique concept. Our graphics team developed a minimalistic, yet memorable logo design, complete with a comprehensive design manual. The color palette, predominantly natural tones, evokes a feeling of warmth and harmony and invites guests to immerse themselves in an oasis above the city skyline.
The selected palette of colors seamlessly combines modern sophistication and luxury with a natural touch. Through a detailed branding process and strategic knowledge, we contributed to the birth of the Sky Lounge brand.