Rapid online expansion of our client during the coronavirus pandemic
Cooperation with authorized seller of global jewelry brands Mirror was an amazing experience for us. Our priority was to increase turnover of the e-shop so that its sales represent at least 50 % of of the company's total sales. We also worked on expanding awareness among the target audience and we defined unified graphic design.
We expected success already at the beginning of the ongoing campaign as our target audience responded to creative ads almost immediately. Our assumption became reality which could be seen in resulting numbers of acquisition campaigns.
Our goals:
• stick to ROAS x4 in all campaigns
• create a transparently scalable channel suitable for both acquisition and remarketing
• authorized seller of global jewelry brands
• increase e-shop traffic and social media traffic
• define unified graphic design which can be used online and offline
How we fulfill the assignment
First step was to define the right strategy. We started by analyzing the biggest competitors on the market. After that we focused on evaluating the client's current positioning and sales channels. We used the RACE model to create an online marketing strategy in which we focused on acquisition of new customers while maintaining existing ones. In order to maintain existing customers we used e-mail communication and remarketing.
Consequently, we tested visuals while each phase of ad campaign contained its own creative concept.
The ad campaign focused on increasing sales was executed in several phases.
Raising brand and product awareness
Presenting specific products and discounts
Last phase of purchase process
Ad campaign results over the course of 6 months:
*Total results for Google = 9 640 € invested, 90 400 € in sales, (average ROAS 9,37)

* Total results for Facebook = 9 670 € invested, 143 550 € in sales (average ROAS 14,84)
– Total investments in €, Month
Total sales
233k €
Mirror Instagram
We managed to successfully fulfill set goals according to the marketing plan. With an average ROAS of 13,45 we managed to exceed our client's expectations. In addition to increase sales, we improved overall communication of the brand with target audience.
On behalf of RedDot s.r.o. I thank My Brand Agency for professional approach and for increasing turnover on our e-shop sperkymirror.sk. I would recommend working with My Brand Agency to everyone!
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