Creating a visual identity for medical application
Medicmate is a modern app used as a social media platform for immediate and long-term health counselling between doctor and patient. This revolutionary project needed help with creating a visual identity which would perfectly represent its ideology.
It was clear from the beginning that the brand identity has to be a combination of modern elements with transparency and trustworthiness. We dived into this project with enthusiasm since we really love a good challenge!
• modern medical app
• develop a new brand identity
After a thorough analysis of the market, target audiences and number of concepts and refinements, we managed to create a strong identity which fully reflects the character and idealogy behind the Medicmate project. New brand identity is modern, unique and easily memorable – its elements reflect symbolism of medicine.
The main element of the brand identity is a "stick figure", which represents a friend (mate) as well as name of the project (Medic / Mate = medical / mate). Symbol of a medical cross is also a part of the logo. We created logo in two variations using modern gradients. Whole app environment was then based on this visual style.

Overall brand identity design is modern and enticing. Icons and corporate elements integrated into the environment create unique and harmonic impression. Our client was delighted with the results!