Creating a new brand identity for networking organization
BNI Danubia
We were honored to work with a worldwide networking organization for entrepreneurs BNI Danubia at this project. Our client needed a brand identity which would reflect the nature of the company.
BNI Danubia is a modern business organization and their new identity had to reflect reliability, trustworthiness, ambition and power. Our creative department gladly took on the challenge and we can confidently say that the result is more than satisfactory.
• modern business organization
• develop a brand identity
We managed to create a brand identity that fully reflects the character, course and values of Danubia. It's unique and definitely stands out. Logo design looks dynamic, energetic and it's easy to remember.
Chosen color palette has a huge impact on the perception and emotions associated with the brand. It should reflect and support the character and main message of the brand, which we stuck to during the process of creating a brand identity. It's important to remember that colors have psychological impact and can easily affect emotions and perception of the brand among customers. That's why we decided to use bold colors and a symbol of an arrow. Arrow symbolizes growth and steady course.
Blue color symbolizes trust, reliability and professional approach. It also represents the Danube river, a symbol of the capital of Slovakia, where the company is located. Red color adds passion and courage to a logo. Thanks to this color the logo is easy to remember and has a strong first impression. You can feel dynamic and power from the very first glance at the brand identity design.