Creating an identity and selling real estate within a development project
Every unconventional project is a challenge for us. With this idea in mind we started to create a digital marketing strategy for the Agátová development project. Agátová project represented houses selling in a lucrative area of the city. Our creative team excelled at creating the project's identity and we managed to get the attention of our target audience by creative graphics throughout the whole purchase journey.
In addition to ad campaigns, we also developed a professional website, which was the primary source of information for potential customers.
Our goals:
• create ad campaigns aimed at selling of the houses
• develop website and logo manual
• development project - sale of family houses
• set up a communication with target audience on social media
• create promotional materials - brochures for investors
How we fulfilled the assignment
After detailed market analysis we created a logo manual for the development project and target audience model - personas. By defining personas we could better understand the behavior of our potential customers. Based on obtained statistics and data we created a marketing strategy which was focused on raising awareness of the project and selling all of the houses.
Dynamic website with contact form for submitting demand was also a part of our campaign.
Campaign was divided into 3 phases:
Raise awareness about development project
Presenting benefits of real estate and location
Last phase of purchase process
relevant demands
The brand identity communicates all the benefits of the development project. We used the green color and a tree as a graphic element. Tree symbolizes stability, power and a solid background. This specific tree is a Black Locust and it symbolizes locality (Black Locust Grove) in which the houses were built.
Design Manual
Logo variations

During our cooperation we managed to raise awareness about this development project, bring it to the attention of the target audience and create a successful strategy which help our client to sell all of their real estate on the market.
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