Creating strategic ad campaign to promote and increase sales of the piloting course
Aero JOB
Sometimes we like to get loose, especially regarding to creativity. Cooperation with AeroJOB charmed us right away - mainly for its exceptionality. This company offers a full range of pilot training services for people, who want to fly in their free time, but also for those, who would like to become professional pilots.
Our main goal was to spread awareness and increase sales of the piloting course. This dynamic campaign consisted of three stages in which we tried to sell pilot courses to people with unfulfilled childhood dreams.
Our goals:
• create ad campaigns aimed at increasing sales of pilot courses
• raise awareness of company and current courses
• company focused on training pilots
• define unified graphic design
• create communication with target audience on social media
How we fulfilled the assignment:
We started the entire marketing campaign strategy with thorough analysis of the competition according to the SWOT model. After analysis we defined models of our target audience - personas. By doing that we could understand the needs, goals and behavior of our potential customers.
Based on the obtained statistics, we created marketing strategy
Campaign was executed in 3 phases:
Increase awareness of company
Presenting competitive advantages
Last phase of purchase process
Return on Ad Spend
ROAS = 1000%
During our cooperation we managed to raise awareness of the company among the target audience and also create a successful ad campaign. Ad campaign resulted in revenue and awareness growth.
On behalf of AeroJOB s.r.o. I would like to thank My Brand Agency for creating a campaign focused on cadet recruitment. We hope that our cooperation will continue and we will achieve all of our set goals.
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