Logo rebranding of an independent toy store
In eastern Slovakia, specifically in the center of the city of Košice, there is a place full of miracles, where children find toys that awaken their imagination and accompany them for long hours of play. This place is called Rototo Toys.
Its owner longed for a new shine to his toy store. He felt that it was time for a change, so that his toy business would live even more with the spirit of fairy tales and attract more attention, and not only to children. He decided to redesign the logo and visual communication, but wasn't sure how to make such a big change.
• independent toy store in the heart of Košice
• logo redesign and visual identity modification
• creation of the company's design manual
• creation of a company emblem
The Result:
That's when our marketing agency entered the scene, with a clear vision and creativity. We listened to his story, felt his need and understood that the colors and fairy-tale style of Rototo are his heart's business. It was clear that these elements must be preserved so that children and their parents continue to feel like "at home".

The project charmed our creative designer - he happily began to sketch. We created a new visual for the logo, technically and aesthetically tidy, but preserving the original spirit of Rototo. The shop focuses on wooden and classic toys and is entirely in a vintage style.
This uniqueness should have been reflected in the redesign. So we did it! And as a bonus, we also created a beautiful emblem for the Rototo toy store in two color variations, so that the owner and fans of the store can use it to express their belonging and support for Rototo.
When we presented the results of our work to the owner, his eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. He was delighted that his toy store will have a upgraded look that preserves the uniqueness of his store. And the emblem? This becomes not only a stamp, but can also be a badge on clothes, a magnet or any tangible symbol of Rototo toy store.
And for now, that's the end of our story about how we helped Rototo Toys to find a new face, but not to forget their roots.